1. A contest starts when at least 10 players have joined.
  2. A contest starts when the waiting time expires i.e 5 minutes. The additional 5 minutes are given by the system for other players to join once the minimum i.e 10 players have joined the contest.
  3. You can only play the Contest's game in the entire duration of the Contests.
    Example: FreeFire Contest participants are required to only play FreeFire in the duration of the FreeFire Contest. If you submit a result of BGMI/CODM/PUBG etc, then your results will be rejected by the system for the FreeFire Contest.
  4. You race against other players in the same contest to acquire the most amount of BP as possible in the duration of the contest.
  5. You are free to choose the game mode within the game and you can play as many games as you can in the duration of the contest.
  6. A contest ends when a player in the contest has achieved 300 BP.
  7. Additional dynamic time will be provided for other players in the contest after the 1st position holder has crossed 300 BP, this is the final lap of the race.
  8. Anti-Cheat system will monitor the results of each individual contest participant in the duration of the contest. A player who's caught cheating will be flagged and disqualified.
  9. Bot games will get disqualified as part of a live Contest.
  10. A contest participant will be able to review the results of other participants and report them if necessary in the duration of the contest.
  11. Contest Leaderboard and Winners will be finalised after the review period. During the review period our Anti-Cheat system will review all the potential winners, cheating suspects and reported participants.
  12. Winnings will be distributed to all the winners of the contest only after the review period and finalisation of the Contest Leaderboard.

How do I Download?

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