1. What is the SoStronk app?

SoStronk is India's 1st social gaming platform which is built for Battle Royale gamers, enabling them to earn great rewards just for playing their regular games.

2. Are the rewards real? Is this app real?

SoStronk is a 100% real app which is highly rated on Google Play Store and has been trusted by lakhs of gamers on a daily basis. The rewards are completely real and thousands of gamers have won multiple rewards by playing with SoStronk.

3. Does SoStronk charge gamers for playing?

Playing on SoStronk is completely FREE.

4. How do I get real cash via SoStronk?

Play your regular games and collect cash in your SoStronk wallet. You can check these out directly to your bank account using UPI.

5. What is the minimum amount I need in my SoStronk wallet for cash checkout?

You need a minimum balance of Rs 100 to checkout the cash to your bank account.

6. How does SoStronk prevent cheats & exploitation?

SoStronk has built their own proprietary anti-cheat systems which detects gamers who are cheating and/or exploiting the system and automatically disqualifies them.

7. Does SoStronk capture my personal data?

SoStronk does not capture any personal data about its users. Only the end game screenshots are taken to give rewards automatically.

8. How to level up and earn rewards?

In order to level up, you need to play any game supported by SoStronk, with SoStronk on. The more kills you get, the more XP you earn to level up and earn rewards.

9. How to collect loot?

In order to collect daily loot, you have to play at least one game on SoStronk.

10. What is a battle in SoStronk?

You can join daily battles, compete for your city and win daily rewards.

How do I Download?

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