IMBR Contests FAQs

What are Contests in SoStronk?

Contests are an opportunity to win real money based on your skillset in top Battle Royale games. You race against other players in the contest to come first and win cash from the collective prize pool.

How do I join a Contest?

Once you have a Contest Token, simply press the “Join” button to join the contest.

What is Cash?

Cash is used to join the contests and distributed prize money gets added to the Cash balance. 1 Cash (₹) = 1 INR.

I don't have Cash balance, can I still join contests?

You need sufficient Cash balance in your Contest Wallet to join a contest. You can deposit INR in your Contest Wallet at anytime and join a contest.

When does a Contest start?

A contest starts when the minimum number of participants i.e 10 participants have joined and the waiting time i.e 5 minutes has expired.

Whom do I play against in a Contest?

You play against other BR players on the IMBR app who have joined the same contest with you.

How does the Contest Leaderboard work?

Contest Leaderboards show the participants and their respective stats in the decreasing order of the BP acquired and based on the time in the said duration of the contest.

When can I join a Contest?

You can join a Contest anytime when the Contests are Live. Check out Contests page on the SoStronk App to know when they are Live.

What is Prize Pool?

Prize pool is the collective prize pot in the Contest based on the number of participants who have joined and the entry fee.

I am under 18. Can I play in a Contest?

The Contests Platform should not be used, or played by any Person under the age of 18 years as per the Indian Law.

Can I play in Contests from any Indian State?

As per individual State laws, players residing in Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Gujarat, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Meghalaya, Nagaland or Sikkim can not play in IMBR Contests.

Can I withdraw my winnings from a Contest?

Yes, once the Contest finishes and you are in the winners, you can withdraw your winnings from Wallet > Contests.

Can I leave a Contest after joining?

No, once you have joined a contest you can not leave. This is to ensure integrity of the Contest platform in SoStronk.

Is my personal info secure?

Yes, your personal info is secure.

How does SoStronk prevent cheating in Contests?

SoStronk's 24/7 AI based Anti-Cheat system monitors the results of all players on SoStronk. Once a player is caught cheating/playing bot games, he/she is immediately reviewed and disqualified. We believe in trust and security for our players, thus any player who cheats will be blacklisted on the platform.

Can I report a player whom I think has been cheating?

Yes, you can. In the live Contest Leaderboards > Tap on a username > Review the player’s result screens> Tap on Report. Our Anti-Cheat system will review all such instances before the Contest Leaderboard gets finalised.

Is IMBR Contest safe and secure for playing with Indian Rupees?

Yes, absolutely. You can play and win in the Contests and withdraw your winnings in Indian Rupees.
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